Offering Laser Engraving, Sublimation, Awards, Trophies, Plaques, and more! Through our sister company Unique Embroidery, Promotions and Awards we now offer a greater variety of branded Corporate Wear and Headwear, In-house Embroidery, Screen Printing, Non-medical PPE Products, an ever-expanding selection of Promotional Products…and yes, SO much more!


Engraving has come a LONG way over the years, and the variety of things we can engrave on has vastly expanded in addition to the technology behind it.

Generally speaking, if we can fit whatever you’d like engraved into our laser system depending on the type of material, we can engrave it.

Please note that we are unable to engrave jewelry such as rings & watch backs. We encourage you to reach out to and support your local jewelers.  


Embroidery is the process of sewing (think of a big industrial machine) that will stitch a suitable graphic into a fabric. 

Normally we embroider businesses clothing like polo shirts, hats, fleece and jackets to create professional branding.

Please call to inquiry about uniforms or sports bags for your cooperate, club or sports teams.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is the tried and true way of personalizing apparel, uniforms, and clothing.

Screen printed t-shirts are really popular as a  giveaway item for trade shows, special events, and other promotions.

You can go with 100% cotton shirts, 50/50 poly blends, or we also have some REALLY nice 100% wicking poly tshirts that will last for years and years.

Promotional Products

You’ve invested heavily in developing your brand. We’re here to help you choose the right branded promo products for your marketing initiatives and branding strategy.

Banners & Signs

Promote your brand and message with signs & banners.

Face Shields

Clear non-medical face shields made from quality materials are your family’s, staff’s and client’s first line of defense to reduce COVID-19 transmission

Non-Medical Face Masks

Non-Medical PPE face masks made from quality materials are your family’s staff’s and client’s first line of defense to reduce COVID-19


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