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Challenge Us – Personalize Something Unique

We Love a Challenge

Here at Artals, we’ve seen a lot of things over the years.  We’ve had people bring in baseball bats, canoe paddles, figurines, leather belts, baseball gloves, chairs, tables, toilet seats (brand new ones…thankfully ;), cell phones, laptops, speakers, you name it…we’ve probably seen it.  People have asked us to engrave everything except the kitchen sink …which really can’t be done.

So, if you’ve got something – a special gift, a keepsake, something you use every day, something that needs new life pumped into it, or something that’s a little weird and you’d like to make even weirder, bring it in …we love a challenge!!

And, no …that’s not Toby in the picture, toilet water is too good for him.  He prefers his water with ice cubes.