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A little about our Dance Trophies

4 Column Assembled Trophy Award

Dance Trophies 101

Traditionally speaking, trophies that are given away at dance events are custom made to each event.  Here’s a small sampling suggestion of some trophies and ribbons that we typically use at dance events.  And, if what you see here doesn’t tickle your fancy, that’s ok, we have MANY more trophies available including traditional column trophies.  What you see here are our most popular selections, we can certainly give you a few more choices to choose from.


Dance Awards, Trophies and Ribbons

4 Column Assembled Trophy Award


Custom Assembled Trophies
















Custom Ribbons

  • Be sure to see our Ribbons page for options!






Dance Medals

Be sure to see our medals page for more options!


Dance Street Tags Medal Medallion


Street Tags Dance Medal (AOD)

  • 1.5″  x 2.25″ – $1.65




Other Suggestions

We have a variety of types of dance awards & trophies that can be easily customized:

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