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A little about our Laser Engraving on Leather

Engraving on Leather

Leather is a wonderful product that always creates some unique and interesting looks,   We do leather belts, bags, purses, attache cases, and leather bound book covers, and journal covers all the time.  How the finished piece comes out, is all based on the quality of the leather, and what colours are on the inside.

If what you have though is pleather (fake leather), be warned, this stuff is like plastic and it melts like a hot knife through butter.  Quite often pleather pieces will have a foam backer in behind the top layer to lift it up a bit.  If we laser through the pleather and wind up hitting the foam, well, let’s just say things get a little hot in here and occasionally we have to bring out the fire extinguisher 😉.

If you’re into sports teams, here’s an idea!  We have a number of baseball teams that ask us to customize their baseball glove for the team, kinda like hockey teams to with jackets.  We laser on the kids name, number, and sometimes the position and team.  Sometimes we just put on the kids name, year and the team that they played for, so as time goes on the glove has years and years of memories on it.

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