Welcome To Artals Promotions

Who Are We, and What Do We Do?

We're a family run business that has been around for almost 25 years.  We originally started off as a 1-person shop doing laser engraving on awards & trophies, as well as printing some vinyl signs for commercial glass installations.  As our customer base grew, and requests for other services & products grew, we took to our logistical and problem-solving skills to make things happen for our clients.

Today, engraving continues to be one of the main focuses of the business, but the technology, products, and things we can (and have!) engraved is VASTLY different.  In today's world, there's far more things we can engrave, than can't.  For the most part, if we can physically get a product into the laser, we can engrave it.

In addition to Engraving, our services have expanded to include Embroidery, Screen Printing, Printed Material and Graphic Design.  But, really, a big part of what we do is logistical - we listen to what our clients need, and we come up with solutions to help them get exactly what they're looking for.  We utilize our past experiences and problem solving skills, to make appropriate recommendations that our clients can then choose from, and enjoy.

If you come into our shop, you'll have a wonderful opportunity to talk with any one (or, quite often more than one) of our staff members.  Jenn and Dan have been together since they were 7 (have you seen the tattoo's??) so it's always fun to see how they problem solve together, and come up with REALLY interesting ideas.  Vicki is fabulous at any challenge we throw her (seriously - she's amazing!), and Victoria is (equally as amazing - just amazing at different things) the master of social media and online marketing.  At this point, Dan's starting to feel a little old, but believes you can teach an old dog new tricks ...lol.

Where Are We?

We're centrally located near downtown Kitchener, just off of Frederick Street.  If you know where all the old century homes area with all the lawyers, then you know exactly where we are.  We're on Samuel Street, just 1 block away from Frederick and Lancaster.

Our shop is in an old home built in 1903, so it's one of the oldest in the area.  We've had to update it for sure, but we believe it gives a nice, warm, feeling for customers that come in to visit.

Why Do We Do What We Do?

Simple, we love a challenge, and we love coming up with solutions to those challenges!  Have you seen some of the unique results on our Facebook and Instagram pages?  Be sure to checkout the engraved canoe paddle, the hockey jerseys, the bathrobes, clock, hammer, wine bottle, wine glasses, and the amazing charcuterie boards!  We'd also love to show you some of the cool business cards and banners we've designed too, so watch for those to come!

You might also know us as...

Truprint Printing

We purchased Truprint Printing in 2013, and it opened our eyes to the print brokerage world.  Truprint was an expert in printing business cards, letterhead, cheques, invoices, envelopes, brochures, calendars, pull up banners, and virtually anything you'd need to run your business.  Today, we've expanded the print line to include uniquely finished business cards, luxury business cards, premium banners, massive vinyl signs, 100+ page magazines, and a wide assortment of different types of papers and card stock.

Waterloo Engraving

We purchased Waterloo Engraving in 2015, as a pleasant addition to the family.  At the time, Waterloo Engraving relied fairly heavily on foot traffic for their business, rather than an online presence, and specialized in tight turn around times for their clients.  We saw this as a unique opportunity because they really only did engraving and nothing else, so it was their area of expertise and they offered a different point of view, and experience, to our knowledge base.

    Effective June 1st, 2018

    Since the purchase(es) we've operated Truprint Printing and Waterloo Engraving as "divisions of" Artals Promotions Inc.  Starting June 1st, we are moving forward with what’s known as “umbrella branding” and instead of running 3 different businesses with different specialties under one roof, we’re going to consolidate all the companies information into one location, and one brand. Artals, being the longest standing company, will be the flagship branding going forward.

    This, we believe, will make for less confusion with clients who know us as one or two brands, and it will also mean that we won’t need to carry 9 different social media streams, across 3 websites, and a dozen different emails. You already know that when you’re talking with any one of us from Artals, we really are, and have been for quite some time, your one stop shop for pretty much everything, so it just makes smart business sense to have everything under one umbrella.

    It also officially launches our new tagline of "What Don't We Do?", which kinda came to us this spring as we were building some marketing material.  Kinda weird how things just pop into your head sometimes...