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Yes, we've been around for over 25 years, but here's a few things that perhaps you didn't know.
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The Best Team Ever!

We’re a fun bunch, especially once you get to know us!

Coffee Bean


Jenn has ALWAYS been the driving force behind Artals.  She’s our “people person”, she loves to meet you, listen to what you want to achieve, she then engages with you to find a variety of solutions.  She’s a natural leader, she drives people to succeed, loves a crowd, and knows pretty much everyone in town.  There’s a reason why Artals is such a thriving business, it all starts with her.

Coffee Bean


Dan’s the behind the scenes guy.  When he isn’t taming owls, he’s running production, keeping the computer systems current, overhauling the website, and representing the only “male” role in the office.  Dan’s the logistics guy, who loves to educate customers when they come in, and ocassionally provides WAY too many details when explaining things sometimes.

Coffee Bean


Victoria is the master of networking, and she’s always happy to expand it even more.  She inspires people, motivates them, makes them want to reach their goals, feel good about themselves, and helps people to see things in a way that perhaps they didn’t see before.  She’s more beautiful than she knows (sorry, shameless plug by “Dad” here), and has a sarcastic sense of humour that makes the room howl with laughter.

Coffee Bean


Janet’s the newest member of the team, the newbie, the football fanatic, the party girl next door, the one who isn’t afraid to yell across a football field to give the coaching staff their just desserts – especially when it’s her husband coaching!  Janet’s also one of the most passionate people we know, she cares, REALLY cares about your experience with her, she wants you to get exactly what you asked for (sorry, was I being sarcastic there??), she isn’t afraid to ask too many questions to make sure she understands what is needed, she keeps things rockin’ and rollin’, all with a giant smile on her face.  If you’d ever like to talk football, she’s your girl, but just be warned that she’s a Cowboy’s fan.

Coffee Bean


Vicki’s our resident “Jill of all trades.”  Vicky works for us full time when she can and part time when she can’t.  You see, Vicki (much like all of us) juggles a bunch of things, she goes to University full time, she likes to yell at people while she’s instructing a spin class (HELP me, I can’t feel my legs!), she plans trips for her family, and spends as much spare time as possible with her boyfriend, who just so happens to be our youngest son.

Having said all that, Vicki helps to keep our production time on time, on track, focused, and accountable.  She gets things done, and …just maybe… might offiically be a part of the family some day, and that’s perfectly fine with us.

Coffee Bean


“Victoria Accusantium doloremque laudantium, totam rem aperiam.” …he quietly says to himself.  Did you know Toby speaks satanic Latin?  He also speaks french, mandarin, and “I smell smoked meat, FEED ME human!!”.

Can you SEE the sarcasm in this face?  Toby’s proud of himself and he knows he’s “all that”!  He’s got salon quality hair, a lion’s mane, a moustache, and he LOVES a good head scratching, especially right on top between his ears.  He’s the “I’m not coming to you, if you want to pet me, then YOU COME TO ME!” type of guy.  Yeah, he’s funny, he’s sarcastic, he eats meat and follows us around like a puppy dog, but he doesn’t come out for just anyone.  So, if you happen to actually see Toby in the office, consider yourself lucky, because he doesn’t come out to greet just anyone.

Coffee Bean


And last but not least, is Magic, our professional greeter.  As you come into the shop Magic will say “hello”, she will jump up on the counter to meet you at eye level, encourage you to pet her, scratch her belly, and she’ll be happy to throw ALL the paperwork on the floor to make it happen.  She can be a little naggy, but all she wants is your attention, she loves you and does NOT want you to stop attending to her.  She’ll even stare you down if you quit petting (how DARE you stop!), so don’t think you can win a staring competition with her.


Our Client Base

We’re both a B2B and B2C company.  We do LOTS of single orders for people who find us on the internet or just walk into the shop, we work collaboratively with local volunteer groups, community organizations, schools, school boards, government institutions, and charities.

Business wise, we work with lots of small businesses (family run, much like ourselves), some medium sized businesses, one large one in particular (indirectly, we work with Facebook), and we specialize in working with you to get you exactly what you need, no matter what product or service you’re looking for help with.

Most of our client base is based in Southern Ontario, but we do have clients across Canada, some in the US, China, and even Bangkok.  Be sure to ask us about some of our “more interesting” requests the next time you’re in the shop.

Years of Experience

Team Members