We have a wide variety of apparel & clothing options, from everyday "don't care if it gets dirty", to "I need to look my best", and "give me the best quality bang for my buck". We also carry name brands you already know, and can make recommendations on comparable lines.

Where Do We Start?

We start with understanding your needs!  Do you want something that will last forever, just need for the weekend, the summer, the winter, for a week long cruise vacation, a surprise party, everytime you meet a potential client, networking event, tradeshow, official business uniforms, or just lounging around the house?

How Can Apparel Be Finished?

Depending on your needs and the type of clothing you pick out, we can sell you blank product or, finish it through embroidery, screen printing, direct print, or sublimation.  We can also add additional components like tackle twill, appliques, personalized names, numbers and logos.

What Apparel Do We Recommend?

We do carry name brand lines that you already know and love, such as Adidas, American Apparel, Bella + Canvas, Calvin Klein, Champion, FlexFit, Gildan, Hanes, Lacoste, New Balance, Next Level, Nike, North End, Oakley, Ogio, Puma, Roots 73, and Yupoong.

We also specialize in sports apparel from Kobe, for virtually ANY and EVERY sport.

We can also make recommendations on alternative lines you may not know like ATC, Coal Harbour, Elevate, KOI, Red Cap and more!

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Everyday T-Shirts

Most everyone will recommend a 100% cotton shirt for everyday wear.  Well, how would you like a 50/50 cotton/poly blend t-shirt for the same low price?

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Performance T-Shirts

Long lasting t-shirts that will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  These performance t-shirts will out perform you!

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Fashion T-Shirts

Want to look your best, while keeping casual at the same time?  Let us recommend a number of fashion first items that are sure to please.

Polo Shirts

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Snag Resistant Colour Block Polo Shirts

These polo shirts will last for years to come!  No worries about catching these on sharp objects or having them run like nylon stockings.

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Pocketed Polo Shirts

Love the look of pockets, whether you put your pen in it or not?  They’re still widely popular, and we’ve got some great styles to choose from.

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Long Sleeve Polo Shirts

Need something a little warmer, but still need a business look?  Our long sleeve polos will suit perfectly.


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Hooded Sweatshirts

People DO love their hoodies!  They definitely keep you nice and warm, especially if you keep your hands in the front pockets.

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Full Zip Sweatshirts

Want a hoodie but don’t want to pull it over your head?  These full zip hoodies go on just like a jacket.

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Performance Sweatshirts

These performance sweats are lightweight, durable, and look fabulous.  Our son has one from his hockey team from almost 10 years ago, and it still looks brand new!

Active Wear

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Sportswear active wear

We have a full line of sportswear for every sport imaginable.  Finish wise, they can be done as practice wear with screen printing, or full on pro wear with tackle twill and stitched lettering, numbers and logos.

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Tank tops

Keep cool in these beauties, no matter what the weather.

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Pants??  Who wears pants??  We know “that guy” who wears shorts 365 days of the year, and we’re not even sure he owns a pair of pants.

Woven Wear

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Easy Care

These poly-based shirts are easy to wear, and even easier to care for.

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How about a different look and feel?  Textured shirts just might be your thing.

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Ah yes, the classic cotton twill.  The perfect shirt that feels fabulous!  Just be careful if you’re planning on pulling out the iron.

Shorts and Pants

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Mesh Shorts

Mesh shorts will keep you cool, and are perfect for playing any sport, riding a bike, skateboard, or just lounging around by the pool.

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These go hand in hand with our hoodies!  Match by brand and colour to get that college-wear look.

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Red Cap Workwear

THE premium line of work wear for those people who need it.


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Baseball Caps

Portable and easy to use, these signs capture the attention of passing customers.

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Flat Brims

Durable and a fantastic option for outdoor signage.

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A lightweight sign that is ideal for the indoors, but you DO have to be very careful with them.


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Soft Shell Jackets

These jackets are PERFECT for wearing every day, to client meetings, tradeshows, the movies, the mall, dinner, and formal events.  Classy, elegant, and not nearly as expensive as you would think.

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Polar Fleece Jackets

Going to the Artic or the Antartic, this is a good place to start for warmth.

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Do you hate wearing sleeves?  Then, we’ve got the perfect thing for you!


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Ask Dan if he wears one of these bad-boys while he’s prepping his brisket for the smoker.

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Don’t need luggage?  Something that will go over your shoulder, on your back, or just be held in your hands is a perfect choice.

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Need a little extra warmth?  Get your very own blanket.

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Industrial Work Wear

Need something that can get a little dirty and still look good in the long haul?  We’ve got a few suggestions that just might help.

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Ladies Specific Apparel

Many of our product lines are unisex based, but there are equally as many that have both a men’s and ladies cut. 

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Brrrrrrr, baby it’s cold outside!