Screen Printing & Embroidery – Apparel Finishing 101

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Screen Printing & Embroidery – Apparel Finishing 101 When it comes to clothing and apparel, there are generally 5 different ways you can finish clothing – Screen Printing, Embroidery, Sublimation, Direct Print to Garment, and Heat Press.  With this blog posting, let’s focus on the two main methods that we recommend – Screen Printing and Embroidery. Screen printing is a … Read More

Engraving 101 – Can I Engrave “This”?

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Kitchener Waterloo Engraving – Wood, Acrylic, Plastic, Glass, Crystal, Metal, Leather and more! You’d be surprised at the number of times a week we get asked this question, but it gets asked WAY more often at Christmas and wedding season.  We’re happy to say “yes – it’s very likely” but it does depend on the material and size.  Here’s a … Read More