Christmas Gifts & Ideas

It's the holiday season, let the festivities begin!

It's always an exciting time of year when Christmas is just around the corner, the air gets a little bit cooler, and its time to put those winter tires back on the car.  Yes, put the shorts and sandals away, it's time to break out the winter coats, hats, and hot coco.  Although, I do prefer a "Venti Half Sweet Coconut Milk Hot Chocolate with whip and no syrup topping" at this time of year.  Yes, like it or not, I do love my Starbucks, but you'll never convince me to get one of those Pumpkin Spice Latte things!

It's at this time of year, where we get a little bit "gifty" with our product lines.  We build stunning outdoor flower arrangements, table centerpieces, and craft all sorts of unique display pieces for indoors and outdoors.  We bring in warm winter wear like thermal pom-pom hats, flip gloves, and fuzzy warm socks and slippers.  We stockpile live edge lumber for laser engraving unique charcuterie boards, signs, and theme based gifts.  We design and print stunning Christmas Cards. We test, recommend, and build custom gift baskets with a wide variety of food options - and in our spare time, we judge BBQ competitions.  Yes, you read that right (in case you didn't know) Dan and Jenn are both Certified SCA (Steak Cookoff Association) Judges.  You should try our smoked Turkey at this time of year!

Nevertheless, BBQ has nothing to do with Christmas - unless you're talking about BBQ utensils, cedar planks, special sauces & seasoning in glass jars, and stainless roasting pans; all of which, can be personalized with our laser engraving equipment.  Oh, and you can't forget the funny aprons, which of course we can embroider with your name on it!

Christmas is a special time for family, friends, and to be with your loved ones.  We can help make your special time, just that little bit extra special with something that's unique just to you.  Drop in and see what nifty-gifty things we've got, or bring your own and let us customize it for you.




Giving cards to friends, family, neighbors, employees, or clients might seem a little "retro", but trust us, when people get a card with a personalized note from you, it means MUCH more than sending an e-card.

We can design and print you your own Christmas Card on a variety of paper finishes, or you can select from a pre-finished set.  If you want your own design but aren't sure where to start, simply search from our online database (or, use one of your own like iStockPhoto) for inspiration.