Our design experts are fabulous at building art for any product, media or event. From wordles, to wedding scripts, funky business cards, and 80 page catalogues, we can showcase your information with flair!
Is Graphic Design time expensive?

For any simple designs that take 30 minutes or less, we don't charge for.  If we know we need more than 30 minutes, or the process requires multiple designs and/or multiple edits, we charge an hourly rate for with a 30 minute minimum charge. 

Can you supply your own artwork?

Yes, absolutely, but just know that different products and different production equipment, have different artwork requirements. Please be sure to ask us before creating your own artwork for any specific design requirements. 




When does Design Time get charged?

With many of our products, the graphic design is free or included in the price of the finished product. For example, with anything that needs engraving, we are happy to design different ideas and (of course) get your input before going to production. If we see a need to charge you for design time, we will let you know in advance before proceeding.

What do we design in?

All of our laser systems prefer CorelDraw, and we do also use the Adobe Suite of products for a host of other items.  If you're looking to design your own graphics, we request that all artwork to be built in one of these two platforms.  Files that end in .AI, .EPS, and .CDR are preferred, but sometimes we can also work with other files and PDF's.