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Just What Is Embroidery?

Embroidery is essentially stitching, or sewing, into a fabric.  It starts with taking your design (unless its text in one of our statndard embroidery fonts), and having it “digitized”.  It’s this “digitized” file, that tells the embroidery equipment to stitch what colour of thread, in what direction, in what order.

What Types Of Images Can Be Embroidered?

Pretty much any graphic, text, logo, or shape can be done.  The image can be photo based, because of the digitizing process.


What Impacts The Cost of Embroidery?

Well, it’s pretty much the exact opposite of screen printing.  Please allow us to explain below…

Step 1 – Number of Stitches

Remember this logo from our Screen Printing page?  Well, we’re going to look at it a little differently now.  With the screen printing, we asked you about the total number of colours in the design, and NOW, we’re going to tell you to completely forget that.

With embroidery, the colouring doesn’t come into play, it’s the size that’s important.  If we make the logo below 1″ tall, compared to 2″ tall, or even 3″ or 4″ tall, the total number of stitches in the design changes.  A 1″ design might have 2,500 stitches in it, a 2″ design might have 5,000 stitches, and a 4″ design would likely have well over 10,000 stitches.

By comparison, a full back of embroidery can be well beyond 250,000 stitches.

So, the first thing we have to nail down with embroidery, is how big do we want the logo?  From there, we can determine the number of stitches in the thread count.

For purposes of this example, let’s presume we’d like to embroider this logo a 2.5″ tall, presume it’s under 10,000 stitches, and we’re putting it on the Front Left Chest of a jersey.


Step 2 – Is there anything else you want Embroidered?

Now, taking that same jersey, and much like the screen printing, let’s assume we want our name on the back along with a single digit number (not double digits).  If we do, honestly, we’re going to encourage you to NOT embroider these items, instead we’re going to twill them.

Tackle twill is a slightly different process than embroidery.  If you think of your favourite official jersey – hockey, baseball, football – have you ever noticed how the numbering is “raised” off the shirt, and those numbers are stitched on around the outside of the numbers?  If so, well, that’s tackle twill.

For purposes of this example, we’re going to assume we’re going to embroider the front logo, and go with twill on the back.


Step 3 – Quantity

How many jerseys are we doing?  Again, it doesn’t matter if we’re doing different sizes of jerseys – or, for that matter, even if we’re doing more jerseys at all – you are free to mix and match the sizes, quantities and types of items we’re going to embroider.

It’s all about the total number of pieces, that are going to get that “digitized” logo for embroidery.  Simply add everything up, ALL the jerseys, jackets, track suits, and bags!  

It’s the TOTAL number of pieces being done that we’re after, as a whole group, in that exact same size.  If you’ve got more than one size of embroidery, then it’s broken down by how many pieces are in each size.

Much like screen printing, embroidery is broken down into different volume components.  The price points are broken into:

  • 1 – 6 pieces
  • 7 – 249
  • 250 – 999
  • 1,000 plus

Step 4 – Pricing

From a pricing perspective, your total costs for embroidery is determined by a combination of all the steps above.  The math is essentially:

  • The quantity of pieces being embroidered, multiplied by
  • The number of locations in each piece, plus
  • Any added specialties such as tackle twill or applique, plus
  • The cost of “digitizing” the file(s), if needed.


Sample Pricing

Hopefully we’ve explained the embroidery process sufficiently.  We will be posting some sample pricing into the “Shop” section of the website in due time, but to give you a simple example of the cost of embroidery:

We normally charge $7.50 for a 1 location file, up to 10,000 stitches.  If we haven’t embroidered your design before, and we need to digitize it, then there is a one-time fee (per size) of $50.

If you order 50 or more pieces, we throw in the cost of the digitizing for free!