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Just What Is Embroidery?

Custom embroidery is a process where your design is converted to a special dedicated embroidery file and sewed onto your selected garment using a needle and polyester thread.

The process of creating a special dedicated file for the embroidery machines to reproduce the pattern is called Digitizing. This is a process where artwork is converted into digital data by plotting the points of the design.

We use world-standard Madeira threads and industry standard Barudan embroidery machines to embroider hats, golf shirts, fleece jackets and hi-vis safety garments. 

Backing is put on the inner portion of the garment to keep the stitches together and to ensure the design does not shift or unravel. These backings are extremely durable and manufactured to last.

What Types Of Images Can Be Embroidered?

Pretty much almost any graphic, corporate logos, text or shape can be digitized for use in custom embroidery.


What Impacts The Cost of Embroidery?

The cost of embroidery varies based on the number of stitches and complexity of the artwork. The larger the logo, the higher the stitch count will be. Logo digitizing set up is a one-time fee starting at $60.

*Lead time for embroidery is typically 1-2 weeks from date of proof approval. 

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