A short summary about the types of things we can engrave.

The Basics of Engraving

There used to be a time where you were limited to just a single type of engraving, with a diamond tip cutter that engraved into metal or plastic and only limited to engraving text.  In today’s world with the latest technology in laser engraving and computing we can now engrave on a wider variety of materials with greater precision, speed, and detail beyond text.

Lead time for engraving is 1-2 weeks from date of proof approval. 

what can be engraved?

  • Logos
  • Text
  • Decorative Fonts
  • Graphic Designs – Line Art Non “Photo” Based Images


Some Examples

  • Name Tags
  • Door Plates
  • Signs
  • Pens (wood pen sets)
  • Trophy plates
  • Plaque plates
  • Acrylic & Glass Awards
  • Wood plaques

What Can We Engrave On?

  • Acrylic
  • Anodized Aluminum engraving materials
  • Glass (no lead crystal)
  • Plastic engraving materials
  • Wood


Please note that our laser engraving machines are not compatible with engraving jewelry such as rings & watch backs. We encourage you to  reach out to and support your local jewelers.

Engraving Plastics

Engraving plastics can be tricky.  That is why we use only our laser-specific plastic materials from our industry suppliers.

Like acrylic awards, plastic plates for trophies or plaques, or for door name plates, signs and name tags.

If you’re talking something a little more sensitive like plastic pens, cups, or mugs, sorry, they just melt in the laser, so they’re not really suited for engraving

Engraving Acrylic

Engraving or cutting acrylic has a wide variety of applications.  We can engrave awards, make a variety of signs and display components.

Engraving Anodized Aluminum

Anodized aluminum is used for all sorts of specification tags (called lamacoids), asset ID tags, ID labels, award and trophy plates, and a variety of other uses where the end product does not rust, and has a long lasting shelf life.

Engraving / Etching Glass

We can personalize glass-based products like corporate awards, drinking glasses such as wine, beer and scotch glasses. Some people refer to glass engraving as “etching”, but it means the same thing, it’s just different terminology.

In both cases the glass is “frosted” by the laser to achieve a white image or text on the surface of the glass.

We prefer to supply the awards and glasses to be engraved, since our supplies are specifically designed for this purpose. We cannot laser onto lead crystal as it can reflect the laser and cause dead spots or even shatter the glass.

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