Name Tags & ID Badges

What's your name again?  ...Why aren't you wearing a name tag?

Dan here... and if you're anything like me, I'm terrible with putting names to faces ...but... I'll have a good idea what you came in for.  If you've been into our shop, you'll know that Jenn is THE face recognition expert in our business, she'll know who you are the moment you walk into the showroom.

That's why we work SO well together 😉

Obviously, not everyone wears a name tag all day long, but depending on what you do, what event you're at, or who you're talking to, having a branded name tag is vitally important.

We generally run 3 different types of name tags, with our laser engraved name tags being the most popular.  Followed closely, but the full color sublimated name tags.  Regardless of who you are, let us help you make YOU look good!

And yes, if your furry friend needs a tag too, we can help them!  ...have you met Toby and Magic yet?


Each style of name tag definitely has its advantages.  Please let us explain...


    Laser engraved name tags can be produced in the shortest amount of time, are the most economical, and are the best when ordering small quantities. You get your choice of 2 color acrylic options, but most people who with a silver/black or gold/black combination.


    Having full color lets your imagination run wild with design, and you keep true to your brands coloring. These tags are a little more expensive, and take a little longer to produce, so they can’t be turned around immediately and are more expensive in small batch runs.


    ID Tags are essential if you’re working with lanyards, secured entrances, or need photo ID. These are the most expensive type of name tag,