Pens – Classic, Give-Away, Executive and More!

We have quite literally hundreds (if not thousands) of pens and pencils to choose from.  They range in price from under $1 each to over $100 each, and are made out of a variety of materials like plastic, metal, bamboo, and wood.  They can be used for everyday giveaways, to a special executive gift that will last a lifetime.

Please note, unless specifically mentioned in the details, prices shown are for the cost of the pen itself and do not include the cost of imprinting – whether it be by laser engraving or by pad print stamping.  And, if what you see here doesn’t tickle your fancy, that’s ok, we have MANY more pens and pencils available.  What you see here are our most popular selections, we can certainly give you a few more choices to choose from.

Here’s a few selections from our stock availability:

  • Metal Pens
  • Wooden Pens


Metal Pens

Vortex Blue Metal Pen


Blue Vortex Metal Pen (AOD)

  • $3.95






Vortex Black Metal Pen


Black Vortex Metal Pen (AOD)

  • $3.95







Vortex Champagne Gold Metal Pen


Champagne Gold Vortex Metal Pen (AOD)

  • $3.95







Vortex Green Metal Pen


Green Vortex Metal Pen (AOD)

  • $3.95







Vortex Gun Metal Metal Pen


Gun Metal Vortex Metal Pen (AOD)

  • $3.95







Vortex Red Metal Pen


Red Vortex Metal Pen (AOD)

  • $3.95







Vortex Matte Silver Metal Pen


Matte Silver Vortex Metal Pen (AOD)

  • $3.95







Saturn Red Metal Pen


Red Saturn Metal Pen (AOD)

  • $3.95







Saturn Gold Metal Pen


Gold Saturn Metal Pen (AOD)

  • $3.95







Saturn Blue Metal Pen


Blue Saturn Metal Pen (AOD)

  • $3.95







Saturn Black Metal Pen


Black Saturn Metal Pen (AOD)

  • $3.95






Red Double Ring Metal Pen (AOD) – $2.95

Double Ring Red Metal Pen



Gold Double Ring Metal Pen (AOD) – $2.95

Double Ring Gold Metal Pen



Light Blue Double Ring Metal Pen (AOD) – $2.95

Double Ring Light Blue Metal Pen



Black Double Ring Metal Pen (AOD) – $2.95

Double Ring Black Metal Pen



Velour Pen Pouch


Velour Pen Pouch (AOD)

  • $0.75






Wooden Pens

Rosewood Executive Series Pen (AOD) – $7.95

Rosewood Executive Series Pen



Rosewood Executive Series Pencil (AOD) – $8.95

Rosewood Executive Series Pencil



Rosewood Executive Series Letter Opener (AOD) – $10.95

Rosewood Executive Series Letter Opener



Rosewood Deluxe Series Pen (AOD) – $6.95

Rosewood Deluxe Series Pen



Rosewood Deluxe Series Pencil (AOD) – $7.95

Rosewood Deluxe Series Pencil



Rosewood & Maple Series Pen (AOD) – $8.95

Rosewood & Maple Series Pen



Rosewood & Maple Series Pencil (AOD) – $9.95

Rosewood & Maple Series Pencil



Maple Executive Series Pen (AOD) – $7.95

Maple Series Pen



Maple Executive Series Pencil (AOD) – $8.95

Maple Series Pencil




Rosewood Pen Case Single

Rosewood Pen Case Single (AOD)

  • $22.95





Rosewood Pen Case Double

Rosewood Pen Case Double (AOD)

  • $31.95





Maple Pen Series Single

Maple Pen Case Single (AOD)

  • $22.95





Maple Pen Series Double

Maple Pen Case Double (AOD)

  • $31.95





Rosewood & Maple Pen Case Single

Rosewood & Maple Pen Case Single (AOD)

  • $22.95






Rosewood & Maple Pen Case Double

Rosewood & Maple Pen Case Double (AOD)

  • $31.95





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