Promotional Products

There are literally “millions” of promotional products out there!

Promotional products encompass so many different things, it’s hard to put your finger on it.  Some people know promo products as “trash and trinkets”, “free giveaways”, “cheap crap”, “swag”, or “something that I can buy in the thousands without spending a lot”.  While others know it as “brand marketing”, “a consistent look and feel across all of my marketing materials”, “something unique you can’t find anywhere else”, “my shirts”, “my business cards”, “my car”, and finally (our personal favourite)

“anything that promotes me”.

So, I guess you could say promotional products are essentially what YOU want them to be, and of course we’re here to help.

What’s the best way for us to help you??  It’s a simple understanding…

When it comes to promotional products – whether it be giveaway trinkets, a high end embroidered polo shirt, or luxury business cards, we like to work WITH you in making sure you get what you need.

We normally like to work with you to come up with a product that is unique and interesting, and of course meets your budget needs.  In most cases, we’re sure you very likely have a budget dollar amount you’re looking to hit and/or stay under, so we want to ensure we do just that for you.

When it comes to virtually everything in the promotional market, (as we always like to say) the products available are a little like cars…

1) they come in a variety of types
2) they can be finished in a variety of ways
3) they’re available in a variety of sizes
4) they range in price

So…we could go ahead and recommend something for you, but without knowing more about what you’re attempting to do, and with what budget, we could  very easily be WAY over priced, or underpriced, in our estimate.  You may want the Toyota Camry, but I might wind up recommending a mini-van and a smart car.

Obviously, you’ll find a number of promotional products featured on our website under Our Products, but you’ll also find our main promo products database here:

Promotional Products – Database 1

This is THE database to use if you can’t find anything on our website.  Here you’ll find everything from apple awards to zink etching plates …yes… everything but the kitchen sink ;).  One thing to keep in mind when you’re using this database though – products contained here can be from Canada, USA, China, and around the world.  So, if you see something you like, we’ll have to confirm the details and pricing information from our end.

Promotional Products – Database 2

Here you’ll definitely find a specialty line of items, all from Canadian Suppliers.  Here you’ll find unique lines of pens, desk accessories, journals, organizers, USB’s and many, many more.


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