Printing 101

The print world has drastically changed in the last 5, 10, and 15+ years. Everything is digitally based, and the turn around times are much faster than they used to be.

Best Pricing

In today’s digitial print world, adding volume to your order doesn’t increase your price as dramaticallly as you would think. On a lot of products, ordering 2x as much quantity rarely equates into the same 2x the price, normally it’s just a fraction more to get the best value for your dollar.

We Can Help Setup Your Files

If you need artwork setup, we can help with that!  On many of our print products, if the setup time is farily minimal we don’t normally charge a setup for it; but, if you’d like multiple concept ideas, and want to go through an irrative process, well, that takes time and subsequently money. Talk to us upfront about what you’re looking for, and we’ll be happy to let you know if we need to charge a setup or not.

You Can Provide Your Own Files

If you want to provide your own files, just know we will need you to setup the artwork in accordance with our production standards.  Be sure to ask us for a template before proceeding.

  • All art must include full bleeds.
  • Fonts should be converted to curves.
  • Colour scheme set to CMYK.
  • Product depending, we will either require the artwork to be setup as:
    • (1) A single, multiple page PDF, or
    • (2) As many multiple, single page, PDF’s.


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Pull Up Banners

Pull-up banners are a staple with tradeshows and events.  They come in a standard and premium line.

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Vinyl Banners

We ALWAYS hem all of our vinyl banner edges for longevity, and they come in a wide variety of sizes.

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X-Frame Banners

These banners are a great economical banner for multiple displays.  All you need is the frame, and different printed vinyl banners with grommets in each cornner.

Business Cards

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Stock Cards

Our standard business cards are printed full colour on two sides, on a 16pt matte finish stock.

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Fancy Cards

Have you ever felt a suede finish business card?  How about adding a spot-uv for an added effect?

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Luxury Line

Our luxry line of business cards start at a 28pt thickness, and go up to a 48 point – which is essentially cardboard at that thickness.


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Greeting Cards

Express gratitude, holiday wishes and other sentiments with custom greeting cards and invitations.

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Postcards are a powerful and cost-effective marketing tool, particularly useful as a mailer.

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Tent Cards

Tent cards are multi-dimensional print products that can be conveniently placed.

Direct Mailing

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Unaddressed Direct Mail

Postcards that are printed, processed and delivered to businesses or homes within a particular geographic area.

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Addressed Admail

Postcards that are directly addressed on the postcard and mailed through Canada Post.

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Enveloped Admail

Brochures or postcards that are inserted into envelopes, addressed, and mailed through Canada Post.


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Canvas Prints

Typically used for photography and art. You can either get just the canvas roll, or have it mounted.

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Display Boards

Printed on very thick semi-gloss card stock. Best suited for posters, signage and point-of-purchase advertising.

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A great way to promote events, or simply hang your favourite picture.


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Brochures are compact, allowing you to include more information.

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Carry official business documents in style!

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The perfect tool for branding official documents with your company’s details.

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Removable pages that can be used for writing on.

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Multi-Part Forms

Writing on the first sheet transfers over to the subsequent sheets underneath.  You can have between 2 and 8 sheets.

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Presentation Folders

Hold documents for organization and presentations.


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A-Frame Signs

Portable and easy to use, these signs capture the attention of passing customers.

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Coroplast Signs

Durable and a fantastic option for outdoor signage.

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Foam Core Signs

A lightweight sign that is ideal for the indoors, but you DO have to be very careful with them.

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Sintra / Rigid Signs

A lightweight and very durable material, that we highly recommend instead of coroplast, depending on your needs.

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Styrene Signs

A very lightweight, very durable PVC sheet.

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Window Signs

A sure way to enhance your store front and stand out with your message.


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Clear Stickers

Our clear stickers are printed in full color (CMYK, no white ink). Although they are not made for outdoor use, they offer a relatively good resistance to water or liquids.

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Recycled Stickers

Eco-friendly stickers printed on recycled uncoated paper.

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Recycled Sand Stickers

Eco-friendly stickers printed on uncoated kraft paper (sand color).

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Silk Matte Stickers

Printed in full color and protected with a silk and soft matte lamination. Although they are durable, they are not intended for outdoor use and are not water-resistant.

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Synthetic Stickers

Made with recyclable, waterproof and tree-free Synthetic paper. Printed in full color, ideal for labeling that involves liquids, oil, food and other chemicals.

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Ultra Gloss Stickers

Printed in full color and protected with a gloss lamination. They are very durable, but they are not intended for outdoor use.

Promotional Print

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Perfect for providing just the right amount of information for product guides, special events, and magazines.

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Mark your place in a book, isn’t THAT unique!

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A marketing tool that will be visible to clients all year long. Available in a wide variety of stock calendars, or 100% custom to you cover to cover.

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Car Magnets

A thick magnet that can be placed on vehicle doors.  Just be sure to remove them if you’re going through an automatic car wash.

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This slightly textured paper is a great option for a classic and natural look and feel.  We can also engrave cork and wood coasters too!

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Door Hangers

A highly effective tool that is immediately noticed when you reach for the door.

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Direct Print Shirts, Pens & More

DPG shirts are a great solution for smaller run apparel orders, perfect for personal fun, bachelorette parties, and more! We do HIGHLY suggest screen printing, or sublimation, as alternatives.  Check out our Promo pages for other great print based ideas!

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Promote yourself quickly and efficiently!

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Numbered tickets are printed with variable data. Perfect as concert, raffle and event tickets.

Printing Based Blogs