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Brochures are basically flyers that are folded.  Full-colour brochures are an affordable and easily portable way to inform others about your products and services.  If you are looking to do folding, to minimize (not prevent) cracking along the fold lines, we advise that you “score” your paper.

Brochure Paper Types

  • 80lb Enviro Uncoated
  • 100lb Gloss Text (The most popular type of brochure.)
  • 100lb UV (High Gloss)
  • 100lb Matte / Satin AQ

Brochure Sizes

  • 8.5″ x 11″
  • 8.5″ x 14″
  • 9″ x 12″
  • 11″ x 17″
  • 17″ x 22″
  • 11″ x 25.5″

Brochure Fold Types

Brochure Fold Types

How much does it cost for these brochures?

We will be adding additional details for these products here on online e-commerce database, so you can see pricing directly from our website.  In the meantime though, please contact us for a free quote.




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