What can we engrave?

Actually, a better question is “What can’t we engrave?”.  We’ve been engraving different things for almost 25 years, and have seen just about everything.  We often engrave wood, glass, leather, some metals and certain types of plastic or acrylic.  We’ve done canoe paddles, charcuterie boards, wedding glasses, clocks, signs, wallets, guitar straps, pens, thermal mugs, water bottles, and of course awards and trophies.

What does it cost for engraving?

We don’t charge by the letter, we charge by time in the laser, so it depends on what you’re looking to have the engraving on, and how much engraving you want on it.  We have a very affordable small minimum charge for small runs or one-off pieces, and it’s not as expensive as you might think.  If you have larger orders we can give you volume pricing on anything you need engraved.

Be sure to see the “Engraving Info” below for more details.


Engraving Information

How long have we been engraving?

Like we mentioned above, we’ve been laser and rotary engraving for just about 25 years now, so I guess you could say we’re definitely experts at it.  We’ve certainly done a wide variety of unique and interesting pieces, as well as every day items.

Are there limits to what can be engraved?

Yes, definitely, but it does depend on the material we’re looking to engrave on, and the size of it.  From a physical perspective, our laser bed is 32″ x 20″ so that’s the main surface area we can engrave on.  But, if you’ve got something that’s longer than 20″ in height, so long as it isn’t much larger than 32″ wide, we do have the ability to use a pass-through on our system so we can put larger items inside the laser.  In fact, we had a company bring in a couple of 8-foot tall wooden doors they wanted done, and we were able to do them.

Material wise, we do wood, glass, crystal, and laserable acrylic and plastics all the time.  When it comes to metal, that’s another story.

How tricky is it to engrave metal items?

There are 3 different categories of metal – (1) raw stainless steel, (2) coated / painted metal of any kind, and (3) raw other metals.

Raw Stainless Steel is the most expensive type of metal to engrave, not because of the engraving process, but because of the product that we have to use to make it engravable. You see, with stainless steel we have to put a thermal marking product on it, which is what gets engraved into the stainless steel and creates the black engraving that everyone has come to know and love. The trick is, the thermal marking product isn’t cheap – it comes to us in a can about the size of an old pop can, at the low, low, price of $250 per can. Because of this, the moment you’re talking stainless steel, you’re instantly making the engraving cost double, triple, or more depending on the size of your piece.

Any painted metal product doesn’t require the thermal marking product, so it’s just straight engraving time. This is the most ideal way to go.

If you’ve got another metal (ie. raw aluminum) that’s not stainless steel, and not coated, then we simply can’t laser engrave that type of metal. The thermal marking product is really only guaranteed to work with stainless steel, so we can’t guarantee that other types of metals will work with it. So, because we can’t laser these types of metals, then the only type of engraving available to you is rotary engraving.

How tricky is it to engrave other items?

For the most part, engraving anything else is pretty straight forward.  We do have to be careful with a few items, wood for example we have to be careful not to catch on fire, glass we have to be careful not to break, and plastic (if it’s not laserable plastic) will generally just melt in the laser, so we always have to think of the best approach for getting what you need on the products you want.

Is there a minimum order for engraving?

Yes, our minimum order is 1, just 1 piece, so if you’ve got a single wallet, guitar strap, guitar, canoe paddle, mirror, or charcuterie board to engrave, we’re happy to help.  From there, if you’ve got a bigger order, we can accommodate any volume you’ve got, so just let us know what you’re looking for.

What’s the turn around time for having something engraved?

Well, there’s more than 1 answer to that question.  Let’s start off by saying our standard turn around time for any engraving job is approximately 5 business days.  From there, we do like to keep our commercial clients to approximately 2-3 business days.  But, having said all that, if you need something immediately, give us a couple of hours and I’m sure we can help you out.  For any jobs that require same day or next day service, there is a rush fee charged.

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