Screen Printing on Clothing and Apparel

Do we do screen printing?

Let’s just say, we wouldn’t be a promotional company if we didn’t do screen printing, so “yes” of course we screen print!  We screen print tshirts, sports jerseys (like hockey, soccer, lacrosse, baseball, football, volleyball, etc.), jackets and vests.  We used to screen print signs (like coroplast lawn signs), but with today’s digital print technology, it’s not really done anymore.  If, by chance, you’re looking for lawn signs, or other print material, be sure to checkout our printing page.

Can you bring your own items to be screen printed, or do you have to buy from us?

If you’ve got something you’d like to have screen printed, we’re happy to do that for you.  But, if you need us to supply you with something, just ask and we’ll be able to show you lots of different suggestions and offer up ideas.

Be sure to see the “Screen Printing Info” below for more details.


Screen Printing Information

What is screen printing (aka silk screening)?

Screen printing is a process where you force ink through a screen, onto something (usually clothing like a tshirt) to create a pattern or image.  We professionally screen print clothing, apparel, uniforms, or other material items like tote bags.

How much does it cost to have something screen printed?

Three things determines the cost of screen printing, the number of colours in the image, the number of locations you need the image printed on, and the number of pieces being done.  There is normally a screen charge as well, based on per colour per image per location, but on larger orders we are happy to waive that cost.

Do we sell clothing and other products for screen printing?

Definitely, we have 5 main Canadian suppliers / distributors that we work, so we can provide you with catalogues as well as a searchable database.  Checkout our catalogues page, and look for the Clothing Database section.

Is there a minimum order for screen printing?

Yes, there is, and that minimum for us is 12 pieces.  It’s an industry standard actually (some screen printers minimums are 20 pieces) because by the time you set everything up, you’ve used a certain amount of ink and solvents as part of the process, so that’s why there’s a minimum order.  From there, there are price breaks on volume with 50, 100, 250, 500 and 1000 pieces.

What’s the turn around time for having something screen printed?

To be honest, it does depend on the season a little, but do plan on approximately 2 weeks.  During busier seasons (like spring) when all the minor sports leagues are in, turn around times can creep to 3 weeks, but we’ll do our best to meet any timeline requirements you may have.  During non-peak seasons, sometimes we can turn around things in a week-ish, but be sure to ask us first if you need something in that time frame.  Doing any type of screen printing in less than a week, generally isn’t possible because we’ve always got jobs already in the hopper.

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