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When it comes to clothing and apparel, there are generally 5 different ways you can finish clothing – Screen Printing, Embroidery, Sublimation, Direct Print to Garment, and Heat Press.  With this blog posting, let’s focus on the two main methods that we recommend – Screen Printing and Embroidery.

Screen printing is a process that uses a metal screen (like a stencil) to layer different colours of ink onto the fabric, which when combined creates the final design.  Each colour requires a separate screen, and if you’re looking to do more than one design then you also need a screen for each design as well.  Screen printing (sometimes called Silk Screening) is the tride-and-true method of printing on fabric.  Due to the amount of time involved in creating the screens, as well as the ink and chemicals involved in the process, all screen printers will have a “minimum” quantity order …at Artals, our minimum is 12.  But, you can mix and match as much as you’d like – so if you want 5 tshirts, 5 hoodies, and 2 jackets, that counts as 12 pieces.  Pricing is determined by the number of screens required, the number of pieces being done, and the number of colours involved.

When it comes to embroidery, there is no ink involved, instead it’s threading – stitches, if you will.  There are no screens involved in embroidery, but the equipment does need a “digitized” file in order to do the stitching.  A digitized file tells the embroidery equipment what colour of thread to stitch, in what direction, in what order.  We do the digitizing here, and once you’ve had it done, it never needs to be done again …unless you’re changing the size of the image being embroidered.  Pricing is determined by the total number of stitches, and number of pieces being done.

With stitching, if you’re familiar with professional sports jerseys (ie. NHL, NBA, and other major sports) a lot of those jerseys use what’s called Tackle Twill lettering.  Tackle Twill is an application where we cut-out each individual letter or number, and then stitch that letter or number to the jersey.

The quality of your screened or embroidered apparel starts with the fabric, and the quality of the fabric starts with the supplier. Here at Artals Promotions we can supply you with the ideal article of clothing to customize including dress shirts, t-shirts, polos, tank tops, hoodies, shorts, hats, gloves, bags, blankets, aprons…the list goes on. You’ll notice we stock a lot of name brands! If you plan on supplying us with your to-be-customized item please contact us in advance to ensure you get the best quality finished product.

You can customize an item of clothing or other fabric merchandise (e.g. bags and blankets), for any occasion including league sports, instructors, employees, the family reunion, birthdays, tournaments, fundraisers, concerts, and more!

At Artals Promotions we strive to provide you with the best quality customized product and service. What won’t we do is a much smaller list than what we will do. Contact us with your big jobs, your small orders, and your problems projects to get friendly advice based on over 20 years of promotions customization.

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– Dan and Jennifer Givlin –

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