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Section 2 – Our supplier websites (which the links will open up a new tab / window) where you can browse for an even greater selection.   If you find a product on one of our supplier databases, please contact us for a quote.

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Awards and Trophies

Below are our 3 main suppliers for everything award and trophy related.  We usually recommend our client start here, but (in addition to) you can also search for awards and trophies in the 2 Promotional Product databases underneath these 3 suppliers.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, just ask, we’re always happy to make suggestions!

Awards of Distinction - PDU

Our first supplier that we always refer people to for any type of plaque, award, or trophy, sports related or not!  

Awards and Recognition - Caldwell

This supplier has a larger selection of corporate awards, and sports related awards.

Marco Awards Canada

The supplier with the most amount of selections available. 

Our Promo Datbases – Which includes additional Awards and Trophies!

These two databases LITERALLY have access to a massive variety of products – including awards and trophies!

SAGE Promotions Canada

The majority of suppliers and manufacturers in this database are based in Canada, so we do like to promote these guys first!

ASI / ESP Promotions - Canada and USA

For an even greater selection of produts, this database gives you products from Canada, US, and abroad.