Vinyl Banners

Our vinyl banners are printed in full colour on one side, and come in two types of finishes:

  • 13oz Gloss
  • 13oz Matte

Banner Sizing

With a large variety of stock sizes:

12″x24″ 12″x36″ 12″x48″ 12″x60″ 24″x24″
24″x36″ 24″x48″ 24″x60″ 31.5″x78.75″ 31.5″x81″
31.5″x90″ 33.5″x78.75″ 35.43″x78.75″ 35.43″x81″ 35.43″x90″
36″x36″ 36″x48″ 36″x60″ 39.37″x78.75″ 39.37″x81″
39.37″x90″ 47.5″x48.75″ 47.5″x78.75″ 47.5″x81″ 47.5″x90″
48″x48″ 48″x60″ 60″x60″ 72″x12″ 72″x24″
72″x36″ 72″x48″ 72″x60″ 84″x12″ 84″x24″
84″x36″ 84″x48″ 84″x60″ 96″x12″ 96″x24″
96″x36″ 96″x48″ 96″x51″ 96″x60″ 120″x12″
120″x24″ 120″x36″ 120″x48″ 120″x60″ 144″x12″
144″x36″ 144″x48″ 144″x60″


  • Grommets on the top 2 corners
  • Grommets on all 4 corners
  • Grommets every 2 – 3 feet (depending on the length of the banner)
  • Hemming along the 2 shortest sides
  • Hemming along the 2 longest sides
  • Hemming along all 4 sides


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