Large Format Posters

Large format posters are a great way to tell people about your EVEN BIGGER news!  Our stock sizes are printed in full vibrant colour on an 8pt C2S semi-gloss card stock material.

Large Format Poster Sizes

12″x24″ 12″x36″ 12″x48″ 12″x60″ 16″x20″
20″x24″ 22″x28″ 24″x24″ 24″x36″ 24″x36″
24″x48″ 36″x60″ 48″x48″ 48″x60″ 60″x60″
72″x12″ 72″x24″ 72″x36″ 72″x48″ 72″x60″
84″x12″ 84″x24″ 84″x36″ 84″x48″ 84″x60″
96″x12″ 96″x24″ 96″x36″ 96″x48″ 96″x60″

Posters - Large Format

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